Winning with OKRs and your 2022 Company Objectives


What are your business plans and goals coming into 2022? Perhaps your dream is to expand your company, get more leads and close more deals but you don’t exactly know where to start. One of the best ways to get your team on target for a successful year ahead is to set objectives and key results (OKRs). 

Invite a BigSpeak OKR speaker to work with your audience and lay out company plans, get organized and achieve the results you seek. These keynote speakers have helped companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo and the New York Times grow and thrive. Entrepreneurs and startups like you could also benefit and achieve massive growth by setting the right OKRs. 

Interested in inviting an OKR speaker to your next business meeting? Here are BigSpeak’s OKR masterminds:


Christina WodtkeBusiness Speaker, Consultant and Educator

An established thought leader in Silicon Valley, Christina is a “curious human” with a serious resume. A top business keynote speaker, her past work includes re-design and initial product offerings with LinkedIn, MySpace, Zynga, Yahoo! and others as well as founding three startups, an online design magazine called Boxes and Arrows, and co-founding the Information Architecture Institute.

Felipe CastroOKR Coach, Speaker, Author

Felipe Castro is a Goal Hacker. A top business keynote speaker, He helps organizations transform how they use goals by adopting OKR, the Silicon Valley framework for goal setting. Felipe created the OKR Cycle, a simple method to avoid OKR’s most common pitfalls. His methodology has offered countless businesses a myriad of advantages.

Dan Montgomery Strategy Speaker, OKR Expert, Managing Director Agile Strategies

Daniel is the Founder and Managing Director of Agile Strategies. A top business keynote speaker, he has been training, coaching and consulting in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, and performance management for the past 20 years, and is one of North America’s leading OKR coaches.


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