Live from Wellbeing by the Lakes

Recorded live at Wellbeing by the Lakes festival, Kat Nicholls, Jay Morjaria and Frances Trussell share what self worth means for them and their advice on working upon ourselves with compassion

Happiful writer and founder of Blue Jay of Happiness Kat Nicholls is dedicated to supporting people when it comes to self worth. From her own lived experience, she’s come to understand the importance of the concept and the reality of daily practices to improve and sustain our sense of self, rather than taking on what society tells us what we are, or should be.


Kat Nicholls

Joined by Happiful’s Jay Morjaria, who also runs Very Clear Thinking, and author of You are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of MindfulnessMindfully Happy’s Frances Trussell, the panel discuss their own experience of struggling with self worth, thoughts on self-care and the importance of self-compassion.

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