Afternoon Reflections: Bringing The Rain Into Sunlight To Ease Tension Throughout The Day: Beverly Wolff 🍑

It’s much easier to imagine a calming presence in the rain. For, it’s just you and the thuds of raindrops hitting the windowpane. On a night, when you are alone, it’s just you and Earth’s watering of herself. How easy it is to imagine such, during the course of nighttime comfort. So, what about the day? Are imaginations of raindrops easier to reflect on, during the hectic nature of the day?

Afternoon will come. One’s mind will be bottled down with a plethora of thoughts, worries, and cares. What will that mean? It means that once the afternoon lunch break is over, there will be the rushing in to accomplish the tasks. Reflect on that for a bit. You go from easing into the morning, to speeding up in the middle of the afternoon. There is a sharp pause (and drift), during the lunch break, and suddenly you are back on the job.

The tension is pressing on. It is arising. What makes things even more heightening is that you have to bring time and space into collective management; all of this while maintaining your sanity. What are you to do? Sometimes, the pressure has a way of getting you to spiral out of control. You don’t know what to do. There is a middle ground between tension and anxiety and you are about to cross into the latter. What do you do?

Stay still. Re-center. And think of the rain.

It’s imperative to re-connect to the water’s harmony. There is a mind of balance, that only water can supply. How does it bring a certain kind of meditation, which quiets any sense of uneasiness, that one is experiencing during the day? Stop overthinking and just go.

People don’t truly understand how you can work best in the rhythm and beat of the rain. That’s because so many people have never tried. Let’s go, then! Stop. Listen. Get still. Trinket. Trinkle. Do you hear the water carrying you, still? Now, get back in order. Carry through the idea, anxiety free!

Beverly Wolff

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