Awakening Part 3 – Anxiety as a Quest for Meaning

Free-floating anxiety was a world-wide epidemic long before Covid-19 appeared. This now common indicator of mental distress, is a pattern of over-thinking. The nature of the mind is to think and to question. It is natural to feel anxious when we don’t understand and can’t find the meaning. The mind asks “what’s going on here?” If there is no answer to that question, it can drive us crazy ! 

Many people who experience ongoing anxiety are sensitive, empathic people who have a sensor for ‘things not feeling right’. For sure our current environment doesn’t feel very right, as our lives have been flipped upside down. This is a WOW reset time, a ‘wake up everybody call’ which is radically shifting our perspectives and breaking down old patterns. It is a powerful opportunity to consciously reset our lives and align with more purpose and meaning. Rest assured your teacher inside, your own Heart, knows how to realign your whole being.

Here are 5 simple steps to align your Heart, mind and body, to reset and focus. 

  1. Steady your Energy – Get grounded

Come out of your head and into your body. Be fully present at home. When possible stand and walk on the Earth. Clean out the fridge and pantry and do some daily cleaning and clearing of old stuff. Eat foods that nourish you and help you think and feel your best. You know what they are! And if you truly don’t, see a Health Care practitioner for guidance.

2. Stay Connected – Nurture your joy

Connect to your own Heart, be loving towards the people around you. Say ‘Thank you’ a lot. Acknowledge people. Be silly, LAUGH, have fun. Reach out to feel good friends and family. GIVE. Join a healing group, take an online Yoga class, practice gratitude and meditation. Transform your life and energy using Qigong practice for your Heart.

3. Reset your Structures – Use smaller measures

Notice how the new working/ lifestyle conditions are affecting your vitality. Review your time management strategies and section your days/weeks/months into shorter segments. Allow more spaces in your schedule for mental rest and movement practices. Be willing to ‘let go’ of what you used to do – ‘allow’ what you need to do, to show itself.

4. Rest – Take time to do nothing

See rest as medicine, a pause while you integrate your changes. Physical rest means more sleep, time outside/nature, afternoon naps/lie downs. Rediscover the blessing of silence. Schedule times in your day week month for YOU, by yourself. Turn off the phone and computer. Step away from ‘noisy’ people. LISTEN to your inside self. Try Yoga Nidra.

5. Align Your Vision and Values

Ask yourself “What’s been calling for change in your life?”. Look at these areas of your life; Health, Family/Friends, Home, Identity and Roles, Relationships, Wealth. Choose one or two areas to focus on. Start with what feels easiest. Ask the questions “What’s important ? What needs to change ? What would I like to see?” Each week make small changes in these areas. A year from now you will be in a whole new, more meaningful life. 

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