Cameroon Joy, In The Pleasures Of Song: Bebe Manga #Cameroon 🇨🇲

So often mainstream media leaves our the beauty of nations, and other cultures, in which so many have yet to travel to. We end up having one image of a particular space (and setting) when there are a plethora of stories to tell. Family. Friendship. A traditional day in one’s country. The list goes on. The lesson to learn is that there is much more to any nation, than the negative images, which have come to plague its existence. If only people would open their eyes and permit themselves to see more of what they have traditionally been given to see. If only people would explore just a little more. Search into platforms, which highlights a different image, then one will come to view more holistic images into one’s existence.

Into West African waters, we enter into Cameroon for another time. There are beautiful things to experience when moving into such landscapes. Even if you have never entered into the country, still there are precious treasures to imagine. National parks. The land. Waters. And even more significant, the social bonding. How do people come together in the spirit of simply celebrating their culture and very existence? The music, and digital imagery, has a way of showcasing to the world 🌎, this other world of a nation.

Oh how important those legendary, musical mothers. They are found among every people and within every culture. Their responsibility is to highlight the beauty, her/history, and treasures of her people. For it is important that the future generations observe beauty. It is so very important. They must know that they come from beauty and that they are beautiful! A people will cease to exist if they do not see themselves in a positive image. That’s just how it is. That is how the sensory, is.

When it comes to the sensory of Cameroon, we come across a song (and video) from one musical Mama of this land. Entitled “Djiya Kamba,” these very words convey a source of power. It feels that, when spoken (or sung), they make visible the beauty (and magic) of the the communities. The land seems a little more brighter. Sorrow clears away; making room for beauty to prevail. Music is powerful, and its healing will always, prevail.

The video for “Djiya Kamba” is an expression of balance. In fact, it is dancing throughout the entire portion of the video. Moving through her tune and connecting with every part of her musicality, balance is spreading glitter throughout the land. The video for the song also goes to demonstrate that it is the feminine, which guides the masculine principles in his movement. That is the natural way of the Universe and the principles of the energies.

When Mama sings, everyone is in rhythm. Even the land moves in harmony with her sway. It’s another reason as to why holistic (and healthy) presentations of the feminine are so imperative. Within the domain of music, such an energy is highly significant.

Another key element of “Djiya Kamba” is how the balance of the masculine principles are dancing within nature’s atmosphere . One sees them dancing near the waters. They are dancing among the trees, 🌳 flowers, and other sources of Earth’s vegetation. It is rather intriguing and conveys a source of depth. It is healthier for masculinity to be in harmony with nature. Nature is also a reflection of the feminine. In turn, a healthy connection of the masculine, with the feminine, ensures that man will soar into greater heights. He is liberated from any manner of toxicity. He is free from hypermasculinity, which hinders his humanity.

There are precious vibes, which are being reflected from this story. The song, and imagery awakened from it, revives the spiritual nutrition in the land of Cameroon. It is necessary for these given times. Furthermore, it carries a holistic endeavor in what needs to be done in the restoration of balance. It is between the masculine and the feminine principles. Such is necessary in the healing gardens. And singing that charge is one legendary Mama, of the lands. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t grand and Divine?

“Djiya Kamba.” One may not know the words, but there is power and intimacy in its song!

Bebe Manga

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