Friday Poetic Wellness: Alfredo Marceneiro ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น

The house of Mariquinhas, the memories fly on; the imagery of mirrors, where love reflects into song

Flying mirrors fly gracefully in steady pace; the mirrors reflect memories and glitter the feelings of haste

Fly through the winged creatures of rings, fly through all ages, the time that love brings

A house of mariquinhas illuminates with ample time; the house is empty, the very emptiness, inside

Ceilings and floors, there is emptiness, inside; the emptiness of scars, permits us never to hide

Time has changed and sometimes memories fade; let the emptiness move away to a more enriching space

Sweep away empty the lifelessness of empty space; let dreams be fertile, in one house of archaic taste

Think back to memories when the house was alive, the memories were intimate, keeping love, alive

At one point, the house was glittering, enriched with fantasyโ€™s hive, now awaken such magic; keeping all of that love, alive

Alfredo Marceneiro

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