Jose Alfredo Jimenez #Mexico 🇲🇽#LatinXHeritageMonth #LatinX

Taste the wine, an Earthly vibe; let it sway through the heart with awakening spirits

Moving through the mind with a gentle heart; taste the wine, as it’s simply, Divine!

It’s berry-like taste leaves me blind, as I enter into the world of one’s, awaiting

Undo the taste for love’s delight; moving forward into victory for another try

For the wine, brings me closer in the seeing of you; lay with me and know that one’s light is forever, true

Seeing closer when drinking, another love into you; so taste the wine from love’s beginning

I want to lay awake, next to you

Love is patient, while life is kind, drink the wine, taste it, and once become, mine

When you’re away I cry at the thought of your embrace; stay awake and find solitude, as your tender voice brings angels

The light of your touch moves one through another song; be still with your voice, lay through your dance

In one’s very moment, love moves through one, in time; lay quietly my love, and be forever mine

Jose Alfredo Jimenez

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