La Prieta Linda #Mexico 🇲🇽 #LatinXHeritageMonth #LatinX

No longer are you there, no longer the pain, no longer the sounds of loving you, in vain

Nights are long in focus, loving you for years to come; stay connected my Dearest Love, bring it all for, centuries to come

Longer the nights, the longer I cherish you; bringing love into awakening, as I still dream of you

Take the long and break it apart, into memories, left unsung

At one point I was in love with you, and the wellness that you had bring

Bring it over, bring it over, make your time much longer

Near of your time, in love for your time, sit back in your comfort, letting all of time, fly

Bring a blessed art piece, please paint me, anew, for at this blissful second, I’m still in love with you

Longer, oh longer, just love me a little longer, for time is our instrument, play through it even stronger

In the moments of our time, let the moments move without an end; bring them through a consistent living, let the passion awaken, and begin

Passion is belonging, gentle moments are true; move through the melodies of dreaming, and stay longer, near you

Ya No Puedo Mas. Time revives through us, all. Every moment, you are with me, I experience the giving of time’s, all

La Prieta Linda

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