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Drivin’ the automobile, different turns made, through the steering wheel

Love’s a delicate game, just don’t drive true love, away

Drivin’ in the night, drivin’ through dawn; make sure you keep drivin’ through a Blueish song

The night is as precious, and as beautiful as jewel; just have the right driving partner, be nobody’s, fool

She had too many drivers, drivin’ her automobile; yet, there was only precious love, who wished to be at the steering wheel

Let me drive your automobile, Baby; drivin‘ at the steering wheel, Baby

There is one man, who yearns to capture her heart; a man sent from a Divine love, never to leave her in parts

His love is genuine, of an authentic love; it can only be sent from the Creator, above

Drive the automobile, Baby; drive through this song

Precious Darling, let me safely drive you, to the safe place, where you, belong

Left. Right. The directions are not the same. What difference does it make, so as long as you take my name

I’ll drive the automobile, Baby; I’ll drive it through a tune, just so long as I’m sitting next to you, under the Moon

Luther “Houserocker” Johnson

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