Meditations and Memories Of Love-Joan Merrill ❤

When you have experienced such an unusual love, you can never forget how it felt. There were the nights out on the town. Do you remember that very evening when the two of you kissed? How do you ever forget the passions and its comforting bliss? As a woman, there was something different about him. He was of the unusual sort; not like the others, who courted you. Nevertheless, he took your breath away. He swept away the treasures of your heart. From then, you just knew he was one of the ones you would never forget. He was yours, and you were his; at least for that very moment. There was nothing, which could be done to make such a love, “forgettable.” Nothing.

There will never be another, you. My, oh my. Now, isn’t that the truth? There will never be another angel, who will compare to, you. Yes. It’s hard to say, but it’s so very true.

After the journey has ended, there is the courtship. One cannot help, but venture to experiencing those memories all over, again. Where was that special place, in which the two of you had journeyed? Do you remember it now? What was it like? How did he woo you? Where did you eat? Furthermore, what did you wear? How did it feel to return to that fantastical moment? Yes, you can stay there. There is still plenty of time. For no one says that you can’t move back into that fantasy. Go ahead. What’s stopping you? For, one of the most enchanting attributes of taking a brief delight into the past is that you can dress up again in celebration of that loving, memory.

Joan Merrill

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