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What contributes to the humanity of masculine vibes is the intimacy of healing. When healing is part of the equation, it moves him into a higher range of evolving. Afterall, there is love in the entire equation. So often, people do not portray men in alignment with their higher sense of healing. Again, it’s often the notion of a β€œdog-eat-dog” world, which has been projected (and forced) upon them. So, when an audience has come across a musician (and his power for healing), such a song must be heeded, very closely.

Still in Afghan lands, and the stories continue to move. What is it about them, which grants one the power of navigating into a higher view? What is it about the holistic nurture, and timber, concerning one Afghan musician, who understands the power of musical healing? Of course, it’s not just the rhythm, beat, or timber. In addition, it’s also the lyrics. For the lyrics move one into the secrets (and mysteries) for the purpose for the song. 🎢🎡

There are a number of beautiful treasures, which understands the healing dynamics of movement and song. They are gifted with certain powers, when it comes to a melodic ballad. When a man performs such a tune, he is opening up to a deeper level of his sensitivity. For, he is vulnerable and has no problem in revealing that vulnerability; at least those, who are healthy enough to do so.

Right now, let’s take a pause. We are gifted with the opportunity of moving through a different landscape. More than explaining, let’s listen to the revelations of a masculine sound and his healing journey. It will permit us to be invited into our own healing purpose; and pathway on Earthly grounds. 🌎

Mohammad Hussain Sarahang

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