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Taking a chance on love, and giving your heart to someone is, risky. ❤ It’s the epitome of being at risk, with someone. One heart, mind, body, and Soul are practically on the line. Nevertheless, these are one of the risks when it comes to love. However, let’s remember to keep in mind that love is still a beautiful thing! Sometimes, the journey is more strenuous than what we desire it to be. Nevertheless, love is still, love!

When man and woman are together, in a perfect harmony of balance, one expects there to be a sense of trust and commitment. Sometimes, the trust is broken. There is an imbalance, which has taken place. A person may not know if they can recover from that. Such is the case of life. And, then it happened.

He went out on a date with another woman. What’s a girl to do? Does she move through a higher spiritual tier? Does she awaken from her slumber of denial? Shall she confront the other woman? Shall she break up with her man? What’s a girl to do?

Well, the first thing which happens is, pain. Tears become part of the process in dealing with that pain. It’s one thing for a woman to cry. It’s another for a man; especially when he has done wrong. He took another woman out on a date. And so, he feels sorry for doing that. What’s a man to do? Well, the very first step is to admit one’s wrong doings and apologize. Unfortunately, some people refuse to do just that. However, one has. He was caught in the action. Not only is he apologizing, but he also is burying his head in sorrow; crying for his wrongdoings. Yes, it’s a painful experience, but he is sorry. His tears can’t tell you how sorry he truly is. Let the music play on. 🎶🎵🪕

Sometimes, people learn the hard way about cheating. It’s not the fun thrill, in which people think it to be. Cheating is painful, even for those, who have partsken in it. Purging out that level of toxicity is necessary in the healing phase. It’s necessary in a reconciliation-if that is to happen. We hear his tears. Therefore, let’s move towards simply, hearing him out. Are his words true? Is he crying, in his desire to birth, anew?

Clint Ballard, Jr.

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