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It’s not the hardships, which continue to last. On the contrary, it’s the people, who do. Time and time again, a1ncient her/history has separated the winner’s from the losers. Just know that battle doesn’t always mean physical combat. On the contrary, it moves into a different timing. Sometimes, battles take place, through the artistry of preservation-linguistic, physical, and cultural. After a war or battle has been fought, are a people still in existence? For, in life one will lose, sometimes. However, at the end of the fight, will one still be around?

Regardless of the socio-economic and political challenges, which have tried the patience of Grecian people, the fact remains is that they are still around. They have won. Issues of migration. Challenges with one’s national currency. Whatever problem arises, there is still a nation called, Greece. The existence and knowing of this name is power, in its own right. Knowing that it has an ancient culture is, power. Just note, there are many great civilizations, in which the world may never know. Unlike others, their names were buried beneath timekeeping sands. Even with the latest technological advancements used for archeological studies, many of these ancient civilizations may never be re-discovered.

The people exist and so does the name. Greek. Grecian. Greece. Nin Ke Ai. Now and forever. Such is a title for one song, which spreads the language of Greece into Universal sound. For Greece is here now, and it will be here, forever. Modern, ancient, and vintage photographs are a testament to the existence of Grecian people. The maidens. The mothers. Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Fathers and young warriors. They all produce in Grecian lands. Young and old. Rich and poor. The fact remains that they are, there. Here and now, forever more.

What makes makes very artistry of photography such a sacred art is that it serves as proof that someone or something had existed. When her/historical events (and people) have not been captured within the freezing of time, it becomes more challenging to prove how they existed within the freezing of time-with the exception of archeological evidence. Yet, isn’t it revealing to have images of their faces? You don’t necessarily have to guess their imagery, when you have the tangible evidence of it. Photography is one of the magical extensions of ancient, pictorial depictions. For in these modern times, it connects with the majesty of capturing time, in the now.

Photographing the existence of one’s people gives inspiration in continuing one’s self and legacy. The more the imagery, the greater the passion in continuing one’s existence. Songs, too, have their way in doing this. Particular notes and tones carry intense vibrations of courage and legacy. The more such titillations continue to ignite passion within the psyche, the greater one feels the urge to defend and protect that cultural legacy. Move forward in such a pleasure, and you will continue to find that now is connected to forever, and forever begins with, now.

Vicky Mosholiou

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