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They say change is needed in order to spice up the relationship. It’s about consistent change, in fact. Both parties have to make the consistent effort in re-inventing themselves. Creativity is key, when it comes to a long-term, long-lasting, and loving relationship.

Many people will say certain things have gone wrong when it comes to love. You often have to ask yourself, what went wrong? Did one not give as much effort when it came to love? Did the other part start to believe that one’s love was not truly good enough? What went wrong? Who is to blame when a relationship has gone sour?

People say that relationships are meant to evolve and change a person. Yet, when dies one change? Does it happen for the good, or for the worst. In a particular relationship, does one come to see that this may not have been the kind of relationship they were looking for? Sometimes, a relationship has its eye-opening moments. From there the decision rests in the journey of the two parties. Will you go? Should you stay?

A love is not meant to be if both parties are not happy. Again, what went wrong, for a person to have changed? Well, that’s another point to be taken seriously. Change is inevitable when it comes to love. We are forced to change, through one shape or another. The issue is that one should change with one’s partner. Together a spiritual evolving should take place. Therefore, it leads to the following question. Did both parties do the work in evolving as a couple? And when the fire of love has dwindled, who will take responsibility for it?

“You’ve changed, that sparkle in your eye is gone”

“Your smile is just a careless yawn”

“It’s all over now, you’ve changed”

“You’ve changed”

“Your kisses are now so blase”

“Your bored with me in every way”

“You’re breaking my heart”

“You’ve changed”

One of the things which stands out about the responsibility of keeping love alive, relates to the following: “You’re bored with me in every way.” It serves as a red flag, don’t you think? Afterall, how does one’s love continue to move in a space, where one is not doing the responsibility of keeping love’s flame, alive. It’s an interesting combination, wouldn’t you say? Boredom comes when the reciprocate of the boredom has not done his/her work of evolving. Relationships are about consistent change, diversity, and keeping love’s flame, alive. That’s the very foundation of a long-term love.

“You’ve forgotten the words I love you”

“Sweet memories that we shared”

“You ignore every star above you”

“I can’t realize that you ever cared”

“You’ve changed”

Through love’s wellness, one comes to address the spiritual awakening of stars. For, it is through the stars, and Heaven’s domain, where we come to continue our faith in love. Love is meant to be a faithful devotion. Prayer. Praying together. How has this been nurtured (and consistent) with Heaven’s Divine? Truly consistent. These are concepts, which are part of thay long-lastinh love. Furthermore, love is a delightful essence, which positions a person into a greater concept of, self. Love is beautiful, holistic, and precious. It continues to nurture one along the lines of consistency. Work is part of sustaining a vital love. Work plays an important role in the betterment of a blossoming love. 🌸 Unfortunately, there are people in this world 🌎, who get too comfortable when entering into relationships. They do not feel, that they should do the work of re-channeling a loving energy.

The key in understanding the reality of a loving nature is that it is deserving of ongoing watering. Love (true love) is a garden. In fact, it can transform into a plethora number of gardens. A couple can have fun in the gardens, if they are commited to doing the, work. Highlight the term, work. For, it is through the work, where people are permitted to understand and strengthen ties, with other another.

You’ve changed.” “I’ve changed.” Yes. We can play the blame game. Then, there is also the power of taking responsibility for what has happened; and solving the problem, from there. Oh yes! Life is about change. It is about moving through the test of time. From there a person, or two people, will come to know that ongoing love requires change, over time.

“You’re not the angel I once knew”

“No need to tell me that we’re through”

“It’s all over now”

“You’ve changed”

Never forget that there is hope when it comes to love. Love gives us that capability. Love moves us through the very mountains of climbing into a higher domain. Yes. This is the beauty (and treasure) of love’s Divine. And, through it all, if one yearns to take one’s time, that falling love can rebirth itself, throughout an ongoing cycle, of time.

Eva Cassidy

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