Thiviya A: “Be genuine”

Be genuine. Write with your heart. Be in charge of your mind. Seek inspiration. Be courageous.

Poetry is growing in popularity and millions of people spanning the globe have a renewed passion for embracing the creativity, beauty, and art of poetry. Poetry has the power to heal and we make sense of the world through the human expression of writing and reading. Are you wondering: What does it take to become a successful poet? What is the best medium and venue to release your poetry? What are some techniques to improve or sharpen your skills? In this interview series about how to write powerful and evocative poetry, we are interviewing people who have a love for poetry and want to share their insights, and we will speak with emerging poets who want to learn more about poetry either to improve their own skills or learn how to read and interpret better. Here, we will also meet rising and successful poets who want to share their work or broaden their audience, as well as poetry and literature instructors.

As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Thiviya A.

Thiviya. A, is a Singaporean poetess. She has been writing poetry since 2019.Today, she writes to spread positivity and aims to connect with people through her words. Poetry also helps her to heal her soul. She believes that poetry has magical healing powers and hence created Wingsofwords where words are symbolised as fairies that have healing energy too.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive into the main focus of our interview, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you share a story about what first drew you to poetry?

I first started writing poetry back in 2019. I was in a dark place during those moments and to me it didn’t even feel like poetry. It was just me pouring out my thoughts on my notes app so that I’m able to visualise my messy mind. When I read those words, I realised that I do have creativity within me. That was when I started writing poetry. I wrote dark and unpleasant poetry during those 2 years. I have just recently (start of 2021) started to write more positive poetry which I’m blessed and thankful for. Hence, I created a poetry Instagram account to share more light into the world with my words.

Can you tell us a bit about the interesting or exciting projects you are working on or wish to create? What are your goals for these projects?

In early June 2021, I decided to create digital stickers and cards (for occasions) using my poetry and also custom pieces (based on customers preferences). I was privileged to create some digital stickers and cards for my loved ones and was grateful to have received great feedback from them. However, I have not continued on that as I don’t have many customers now. Hopefully, in the near future, that idea can come back to live!

Another project I work on is ‘Monday Fuels’. It’s a series I have on my poetry Instagram account (@wingsofwords_poetry) where I upload positive quotes which encourage people to get on with their day and week. I hope these posts boost people’s energy and destroy Monday blues.

Lastly, for now, a project I’m working on is a poetry book. It surrounds positivity and healing aspects. Life is challenging for many people and sometimes people are unable to push through their obstacles. The aim of this book is to hopefully spread the message that, you are able to fight the demons within you and outside of you. This book will be releasing soon and I hope you will enjoy it as much as the enjoyment I had while working on it.

Wonderful. Let’s now shift to the main focus of our interview. Let’s begin with a basic definition so that all of us are on the same page. What is your definition of poetry? Can you please share with us what poetry means to you?

My definition of poetry is soulful words. Sometimes, feelings can be really confusing but when I write them down, I am able to understand my thoughts better. Poetry to me is a safe space where I am able to share my thoughts without judgement. It also acts as a coping mechanism to me as well. It is such a valuable resource for one to have for themselves, and spread light to others through it.

What can writing poetry teach us about ourselves?

Writing poetry can teach us about our likes, dislikes and our strengths, weaknesses. Sometimes we think we know everything about ourselves, until we write our feelings into words, that’s when we understand that maybe I don’t know myself too well, and that is okay. I’ll keep learning and exploring about myself. Furthermore, poetry can also give us the willpower to keep going in life. For example, when we see our writings change from dark to light moods, we see that we are able to overcome the challenges we had faced in our life and there is more to life than sadness, anger, hatred etc. Lastly, poetry can also teach us that we are capable of more in life. For example, personally, I have never thought about writing a book in my life. My English language was not the best during early school years. However, now I am able to create and spread positive energy in this world with my writings. I am always grateful to have helped at least one person along this journey. I will continue to help people with what I do as well. That, to me, is the best part of poetry; to be the light for yourself and others.

Who are your favorite poets? Is it their style, the content or something else that resonates with you?

Personally, I do not have a favourite poet/poetess. I get inspired through any writings and poetry that I read online. To me, everyone has their stories, their struggles and their recovery. No matter what style of writing they create, I am blessed to see the raw, genuine and amazing thoughts and feelings that awesome souls pour out into their poetry. I’m thankful to be able to witness new poet/poetess every day, everyone’s so talented, inspiring and soulful.

If you could ask your favourite poet a question, what would it be?

I would ask a poet/poetess on their intentions of their poetry.

Poetry can be transformational. Is there a particular poem that spoke to you and changed your life or altered a perspective you held in some way? Can you share the story?

There are many poems that have positively impacted me that it is so difficult to choose a single poem. However, usually when I am inspired by a poem, it gives me a new perspective to life and living. It teaches me to see life in a different light. It shows me how impactful words are and how we should use words more often for a positive impact.

Today’s world needs so much healing. Can you help articulate how poetry can help us heal?

I feel that poetry definitely does heal people. Words have impacts and can heal the soul. To a writer/poet, they may write to heal/ cope with life. As readers, one would read a poetry, feel connected and related to the content of the poem. They would feel that they aren’t alone (with dark poetry). Readers can also feel boosts of positive energy, motivation and encouragement (with positive poetry). Poetry will heal and connect individuals together with its magical words.

We’d like to learn more about your poetry and writing. How would you describe yourself as a poet? Can you please share a specific passage that you think exemplifies your style or main message?

I would say I’m a poetess that tries to spread positivity as much as possible. Even with my unpleasant poems, I still find a way to be positive at the end of the day. In terms of poem styles, I usually write free verse, concrete poetry, rhymed poetry and haiku (at times). I let my feelings flow into the words that I write. Sometimes I write using my imagination too.

One of my recent poems is:

Nights used to be days

Minutes used to be seconds

Fallen leaves used to be trees

Spirits used to be joyful souls

Rain used to be shine

That colour used to be mine

Frowns used to be smiles

There used to be time

Changes happen in a blink of an eye,

Live in the present & you will be fine.

The intention behind this poetry is to remind myself and readers to focus on the present. At times, humans can be stuck in the past or carried away by the future. With this poetry, I hope people realise that change happens so often. Hence, it is important to live in the present, enjoy the moments you have and the people you are with.

What do you hope to achieve with your poetry?

I hope for my poetry to heal others (just as how it has healed me). If I have helped someone in any way possible with my poetry, that is a big win for me. I also want my poetry to bring more positivity to this world. The world needs more light and sparkles.

In your opinion and from your experience, what are 3 things everyone can learn from poetry?

Through poetry, everyone can learn more about themselves, perspective of life and impact of words.

Based on your own experience and success, what are the “five things a poet needs to know to create beautiful and evocative poetry?” If you can, please share a story or example for each.

Be genuine. Write with your heart. Be in charge of your mind. Seek inspiration. Be courageous.

How would you finish these three sentences:

Poetry teaches… you more about yourself and those around you.

Poetry heals by… touching the souls with its magical words accompanied by raw feelings.

To be a poet, you need to…be the genuine you.

We are very blessed that some of the biggest names in Entertainment , Business, VC funding, and Sports read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US, with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch, and why? He or she might just see this, especially if we both tag them 🙂

I would love to have breakfast/lunch with my past self. To show her that you are capable of creating and being a positive light to yourself and others. You just have to discover yourself more, you have the potential. You are brilliant and soulful. Keep sparkling!

How can our readers further follow your work online?

I am blessed for this opportunity. I would like to thank you for reading! You can follow my poetry account on Instagram @wingsofwords_poetry. It will be filled with sparkles and shine (guaranteed). Once again, thank you Thrive Global for having me! I appreciate you and your intentions.

Thank you for these excellent insights, and we greatly appreciate the time you spent. We wish you continued success.

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