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I remember of one love. It was a young love. A high school love. Entering into the first semester of college. I thought we would last forever. We had our lives planned out. Children and everything was supposed to last. Thatโ€™s until things came crashing down.

I wonโ€™t go into the details. Letโ€™s just say it was my first, major heartbreak. When they say the first is the hardest, they speak nothing, but truth! That one took time. It took quite some time to overcome. Nevertheless, it was, overcome. Getting over the pain of a first love is no easy task. Yet, itโ€™s a very important lesson. Love comes and goes. Cycles have their beginning and they have their end.

He didnโ€™t write me a song to end things. Not even a letter. In fact, in my anger, I tore up all the love letters he ever wrote; even some of our pictures, too. More time for a longer conversation.

So, fellow dames, what heartbreak song did he use to break up with, you?

Roy Drusky

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