Thursday Poetic Wellness: Martha Lipton 🍎

Sorrows, unborn for the treasures, unborn; awaken my love, that my tears may mix with your own

Awaken, that the memories of sorrow may lay awakened to our very own

This time, sorrow has a love and it is our very, own; laying tenderly into gentility’s timing

My tears water your heart; growing your emotions like blossoming 🌸 sonnets of a new garden, a new love of a wonderful hue

Stay gentle my love, move towards flight; move into the release of tears and their flow of wonder

Laying next to you, watered in temples above; the chariot awaits with fountains from a gentle touch

Flow crafting, give gracefully, love abundantly in your hue; just flow with loving waters, for I dream of being next to you

Martha Lipton

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