Wednesday Mornings Of Love’s Solitude-Photograph and Song: Jimmy Makulis 🇬🇷

Waking up into the morning rise, there’s nothing like it, than to see the freshness of the city. Being next to the water, there is a sweetness; a refreshness when it comes to moving with ease, during the course of the day. It’s scent is inviting, serene, and the celebration of gratitude for having the gift of awaking within each and every single morning. Most importantly, doesn’t feel enchanting in knowing that you don’t have to walk this Earth, alone? There is that person-that one special person-and they are called, a friend.

They say that if you are lucky to find one, special friend, you are, you are a lucky Soul. “Friend.” So many people use it in vain. The term is carelessly thrown around. Suddenly, everyone is gifted with the title of “friend.” How often does it come along for a person to truly embody that title? A true friend is rare. That leads us to another question. What are the characteristics of a friend? Afterall, there are so very many.

Loyalty. Trust. One who is there during the hardships. Entertaining. The list goes on and on. Simply remember that not everyone is deserving of the very title of, “friend.” If, during the course of your day, you receive a text message from someone, whom you call a, friend. Consider yourself, very lucky. Oh so, very lucky!

Still daydreaming in the path of Grecian waters. Sipping with cup in hand, the masterpiece of the water’s keeps a steady pace. It is nice and tender. There is a slow and precious awakening. The flow is a quiet song, which caresses the mind. Looking at the picture, below, such waters bring their own measurement of time. The ticking is hidden. You have to be a little quiet in order to hear the waves and their quiet keeping of time. It means going underneath the water’s surface. That’s what it requires. Nevertheless, it’s possible. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.

The term “friend” is Universal. Yet, you come to ask yourself, if the performance of “friendship” is conducted in a different way? Does friend has its different performances based on the different nations? How do they look? How are they performed? What is needed in order to awaken the very depictions of a, “friend?” Friendship is performed through certain rituals. Of course, it’s also performed through how time is spent. What are the activities, which nourishes the very core of friendship? These are things to consider when imagining how the very term, friend, flys within different nations. How does “Enos Filos” paint its myriad pictures, in the land of, Greece!

Jimmy Makulis

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