Words and A Song: Maria Tanase πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄

Before there was love, there was you. Just you and your life. How you moved, cared for yourself, cared for others, and restored your own state of mind. Before you fell in love, there was your own life. Who was there? Where were you in your path towards, life? So many people fail to realize the power of life and their personal, holistic journey. All of that is important prior to falling in love; prior to meeting the love of one’s life.

Love’s reflections become vital, when entering into that next step. Sometimes, all it takes is a cup of coffee, or tea. These are the moments of making things right. Taking that necessary time to re-live those moments when it was just you, and you, alone. How did it feel, knowing that you can always go back to that place should you feel as if you are losing yourself, within a relationship? A girl needs that from time to time. Sipping on a cup of tea, all the while permitting the memories to re-emerge. Now, you have the past memories making their way into the present. Sipping a little longer. You still have yourself, even when love comes back, around.

A Life Before Love and the Barenness Of Spirits

Maria Tanase



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